If you want your site demo like look then need to install the quick start package, it so much easy but you must need to understand how it’s work? just follow some easy step so you can install it easily (video tutorial here).

Step 1:

  1. Go to Quick start package folder.Quick start package folder
  2. look there have 2 files (1) the main zip file which contain full demo files, (2) Installer.php file which need for run setup quick start package
  3. Now you need to copy those file where you setup the quick start package
  4. For example if you want to install it your localhost so copy those file in your htdocs/www > your target folder
  5. Go to your target url via any browser (for example http://localhost/your target folder name)
  6. Run the installer.php file so your installing process will be run (if you did not find the installer.php after go to targer folder then directly write http://localhost/target folder/installer.php so it’s run perfectly )
  7. Look there show your First Step of Installing Quick start packagequick-start-step1
  8. Just Fill The Database information (you need to fill Host, Database User, Database Password and Database Name)
  9. Click Test Connection so you confirm database successfully connected or not.
  10. Then Checked the I have read all warnings notices
  11. And finally click the “Run Deployment” button
  12. You get a confirm message just click Ok

Step 2:

  1. Now you are in Step 2quick-start-step2
  2. Just Fill your Website Title and user access details (user name, password, email address for wp admin access)
  3. Then Click Run Update

Step 3:

  1. Now you are in quick-start-step3 that means you are done 🙂
  2. Click on Test Site to test your site


if you still confuse then don’t forget to contact with us for dedicated help or go to ourTheme Help site to post your problem so we can help for setup quick start package.

The short URL of the present article is: http://docs.bdthemes.com/MXdUv


  1. Ray

    When I try install the beauty-quickstart-packagej25.zip the install goes fine. When I go and check in file manager in cpanel the beauty template is there but does not appear in joomla template manager ??

      1. Ray

        Yes installed the sample data, but only the Joomla sample data installed. Like I said the Beauty is not available in Joomla template manager after installing the quickstart package.

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